Design Plan

The two and one half acre site is located south of Gainesville on US Highway 129. The site is partially wooded on rolling topography with several large oak trees creating an allee` to a historic residence, originally used in various school activities and as the residence of the Beulah Rucker family. Other buildings on the site include the remains of a block building, and a picnic shelter. A portion of the site containing the historic residence has been deeded to the Beulah Rucker Foundation. The remaining acreage contains two block buildings and a patio constructed with block manufactured by students of the technical school.

Mrs. Beulah Rucker Oliver is laid to rest underneath the plaza and a small statue serves as a memorial to her achievements.

Mrs. Beulah Rucker believed in a strong educational background along with a strong social experience. The plan for the present board of directors is to extend these strong beliefs to the community at large by working aggressively to bring touring exhibits, rebuilding the gymnasium to serve the youth, rebuilding the classroom(s) to further educate the community, and to build an amphitheatre (not shown in image) to strengthen the social experiences of Gainesville, Hall County and North Georgia.