Generation Inspiration

GENERATION INSPIRATION is a youth leadership society at Gainesville High School. Through the society, students participate in programs that allow them to take an active part in defining and achieving personal goals. The main focus of the institution is to instill in each student the drive to make the most of his or her limitless future.

GENERATION INSPIRATION is a project of The Educational Foundation and Museum of Beulah Rucker Inc. Scholarship funds are made possible through generous donations from individuals and local community organizations.

GI CLUB AT GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL is an interactive student organization at GHS where members can run for office within the club and become a leader theough the various projects and meetings promoting responsibility. GI Club helps its members to apply to college, become aware of numerous scholarship opportunities at GHS, fulfill a community service requirement, and plan special activities throughout the school.

THE YOUTH COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP ACADAMY (YCLA) is 8 weeks of interactive and enriching programs designed to enhance social, cultural, and fiscal responsibilities of promising youth. Upon completion of YCLA, a monetary scholarship is available for selected students who excel in the academy.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (AED) consists of associate members of GI who are approved by the Beulah Rucker Board. These college graduates act as the link between school and home in notifying parents and providing educational assistance to students.